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Free Crochet Patterns For 3 Winter Coats - Easy Crochet Winter Coat Ideeas

Hello darlings and welcome to a new and dare I say anticipated blog post.

It’s summer( thank GOD!!!) and I know many of you are anxious to take on projects for the next cold season. I say this simply because I received a lot of requests for crochet winter coat patterns. So this is why I did my best to research and discover the trendiest but also warm and comfy looks for winter coats.

So here is the story of what I found and the pattern ideas and stitch explanations so you can make yourself a trendy , beautiful, comfortable and warm crochet winter coat.

Crossover Stitch Winter Coat – Polina Krainova

Why Did I call it this way? Honestly because I have no idea who the designer is, I love this stitch and I find it extremely easy to remember it this way.

I found the design ( already made coat) on vk Russian forum. I don’t know if Polina Krainova is the name of the designer or of the brand but all I can say is that I fell in love with this particular coat, color, texture and all.

First time when I saw this stitch it was on Vanessa Montoro’s Instagram blog. She used it for a pullover ( short sleeved) and worked it with vegetal silk thread.

The crochet winter coat was made with a medium size yarn, merino, cotton acrylic mix works, but polyester and cotton mix is also a good idea. A thicker yarn ( wool, or any other bulky thread) would result in a stiffer structure so if normally you would use a 4 mm hook, for a thicker yarn you will have to use a 4,5 -5 mm hook.

Shaping the coat:
Keep in mind simple knitting principles for making the coat. 
  1. One back , two halves for the front.
  2. A line shape worked either from the upper part or the lower part.
  3. No armhole decrease ( straight arm opening)

So here goes:
1.     Chain multiples of five ( according to your measurements)
2.     Ch3, *sk 4,1 Quadruple crochet in the 5th ch from the hook , skip the first of the 4 skipped stitches and work 3dc in the next skipped ch using the back loop so the quadruple crochet will remain in front*….repeat ** till the end of the row.
3.     The second row is worked the same but keeping the quadruple crochet in the back( only back loop) to get the ribbed effect
Work as many rows as necessary to get above the hip line. Start a basic decrease to get the shape from the picture. Simply skit one stitch to each side.

Same simple style applies both for the back and the two fronts.
Sleeves are worked in the same way and the decrease is a basic shoulder decrease ( skipped stitches to get the round shape)
You can leave the neck line simple or you can add it a collar . Make a  rectangle according to the neck opening measurement . It’s really this simple.

Ribbed Late Fall Coat – same designer ( I think)

This coat uses the exact same style but a very different stitch.
I don’t know about you but I am a fan of front post , back post dc . The combination of this two gives the complicate and intricate looking ribbed finish , checkerboard style that I love about this coat.
The same choice of yarn and crochet hook applies.
Stitch pattern:
The chart has groups of 3 stitches , the coat limits to two stitches /group

1.     Chain the required length
2.     Ch 3, 1 dc in each ch, turn
3.     Ch3,* 2 fpdc , 2bpdc*…. Repeat ** till the end of the row finis with 1dc, turn
4.       Ch3, reverse pattern : *2bpdc , 2fpdc* ( I think you got the idea, the reversed pattern offers the ribbed effect)
5.     Repeat 2 and 3 until the piece is completed.
Same principles for shaping the coat apply here.

Lean Puff Stitch Warm and Fuzzy Coat – designer unknown

If you liked the first idea , you will love this one.
Recommended yarn: acrylic, mohair, anything fuzzy, 4 mm hook
So here goes:
1.     Chain multiples of five ( according to your measurements)
2.     Ch3, *sk 4,1 Quadruple crochet in the 5th ch from the hook , skip the first of the 4 skipped stitches, ch 2 and work 1puff stitch in the first skipped ch using the back loop so the quadruple crochet will remain in front*, *….repeat ** till the end of the row.
3.     The second row is worked the same but keeping the quadruple crochet in the back( only back loop) to get the ribbed effect.
The shaping of the coat remains at your choice. The one in the picture has a gradual decrease in front ( the neck is shaped round).

These being said, girls I encourage you to try. 
It is a lot easier than you might think so and also a lot less work than you might imagine. A compact stitch saves you the trouble of looking for an underlining for the coat .

Keep in mind that all you need to do is measure yourself accordingly ( there are online tutorials for accurate measurements for crochet and knit clothing).

Have fun and make your coat in a vivid color ( mine will be emerald green).

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vineri, 10 iulie 2015

Free Chochet Pattern for Joie Elida Overlay Dress

Hello darlings and welcome to anew blog post and a new pattern.

As summer events go …it’s all about the right dress.

I can say for myself that I am sporty chic with a strong hint of boho …kind of a gal :)

However when it comes to something stylish to wear at a wedding, a christening, an afternoon birthday party …or something comfortable enough to wear during hot summer days …crochet dresses it’s all I have in mind.

So since the post of this particular dress had quite an effect on our Facebook page  and because the pattern was requested, here it is the pattern for the Joie Elida Crochet Overlay dress sold by Neiman Marcus. 

Courtesy of here is the chart based pattern:

Important instructions:

1.       Yarn, cotton, medium, mercerized or worsted. 2, 5 -3 mm hook.
2.     Crochet 1 square. Measure it.
3.     Measure yourself. Divide your measurements for the front and back to the square measurement to get the required number of squares.

Square Chart:
1.     Ch 5, sl st, turn
2.     Ch5, *1dc ch2*…repeat ( 8dc ), sl st, turn
3.     Ch1,1 sc in each ch
4.     Ch3, 1dc in the same ch, ch2 sk1 1sc, ch2 sk 1, *2dc in the same ch(V stitch)  ch2 sk1 1sc, ch2 sk 1* …repeat ** , sl st turn
5.     Ch1, ch8, 1sc on top of the next V stitch, repeat …( 8 x 8 ch clusters), sl st turn
6.     Ch3, *8 dc on top of the ch cluster, 1dc* , repeat ** … sl st turn
7.     Sl st to the 3rd dc ( from the first group of 8), ch8, 1tr ch8 1tr ( first corner), *ch8 1sc,ch8,1sc, ch8, ch8, 1tr ch8 1tr ( second corner)*…repeat ** to shape the other 2 corners.
8.     Ch1 , work 6 dc in the clusters between the corners, and 11dc in the 4 ch clusters from the corners. Sl st to close
And you are done.

The red lines indicate where the squares are joined together.

Shaping the arm opening.
The original design uses 4 halves of square for the back , and 2 halves for the front.

Straps and edge:
The straps and the edge are worked continuously.

1.     1sc in each ch
2.     Ch1,sk2, 6dc in the same ch,sk 2, 1sc …repeat .
In case of the neck opening , work the straps continuously.
Straps at neck opening:
3.     Chain the required length ( multiple of 5)
4.     1sc in each ch
5.     Ch1,sk2, 6dc in the same ch,sk 2, 1sc …

Repeat the same style when working the arm opening edge. Here you will work continuously repeating the straps steps on the opposite side of the already made straps ( 2 opposite rows of shells – as shown in the picture)

I recommend using a very soft fabric ( gauze) for the undergarment.
The dress can be made short, knee length or you can make it a tunic.

Keep in mind that this dress is a lot simpler than it looks and it can easily be fitted to a slim or a full figure.

Have fun making it and go be a sexy diva to the summer party of your choice.

I hope you like the idea and start making your own today.

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have an amazing July weekend



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Crochet Free People Vintage Mini Dress - Free Pattern and Handmade Tips

Hello my darlings:)
Today is Friday and my fingers are itching for a crochet hook and a skein of yarn. Oh…well…I am sure a lot of you are like me craving for those extra minutes to crochet among the job, house chores and a little one ( or several) demanding your attention.
If you know what I mean you would also understand me when I say that many nights, at one moment or another I dream that I make a certain dress or a certain bolero. So …yeah…me pretty obsessed with crocheting.:)

Since so many Facebook fans asked for this pattern I took the time ( little as it is) to write it.
I am huge fan of everything crocheted designed by and for Free People brand. However since the price is not exactly affordable I choose to make not buy most of the things I liked from their collections.
The Free People Vintage collection is one of the most popular line they made and sold worldwide. The simple designs and lovely neutral colors make these items ideal for any type of figure.

So here is the pattern for Free People Vintage Mini Dress:

  1. The dress can be made longer. Mine is knee length and one of my friends made it a maxi …so it’s really your choice.
  2. The measurement is done with the help of the square motif. The dress in the pictures is size S ( 36-38) European.
  3. Yarn recommendation. The original is made from medium size worsted cotton with a 3 mm hook. I used mercerized cotton ( Catania) and a size 3 mm hook. Same result.

Here goes:
The upper part is made using the square motif ( 2 rows) . The straps are also made with the square motif.
Square motif:
1.     Ch 12 , sl st to join
2.     C1, 23sc in the loop.
3.     Ch3, 5dc in the next loops, ch7, 6dc in the next loops, ch 7, 6dc in the next loops, ch 7, 6dc in the next loops, ch 7, sl st to join.
The motifs are joined in the corners.
Measure yourself over the chest . Measure the square and divide your measurement by the square measurement to get the number of squares.
Front panel:
The front panel must be measured so it will cover the chest area . Imagine drawing a line from the edge of the shoulders down to the waistline. The resulted rectangle must be filled with the lacy stitch.

Lacy stitch ( worked upwards)
1.     Chain the required length ( multiples of 3)
2.      Ch 3, 2dc, ch3 sk3, *3dc ch3 sk3*….repeat ** till the end of the row, sl st , turn
3.     Ch3,2dc ch1 3dc ( in the ch space), *3dc ch1 3dc* …repeat ** ,sl st, turn
4.     Repeat 2 and 3
5.     Repeat 2 and 3 working at each beginning and ending of the row 1dc ch2 ( the mesh effect). 5 or 6 repetitions are needed . Link to the squares.

For the back ( and straps) and skirt
1.     Chain the required length . ( multiples of 13)
2.     Ch 3 , work 9 dc in the next loops, ch3, *10dc,ch 3*…repeat ** till the end of the row
3.     Ch 3 , work 9 dc in the next loops,ch3 1sc ch3, *10dc in the next loops,ch3 1sc ch3*…repeat **,slst,turn
4.     Repeat 2 and 3 to work up the panels. It is extremely easy.
The beauty of it is that you can easily play with the number of dc to get a looser or a more fitted finish.
I tried linking directly to the lacy front panel. It is easy for the most experienced but you can work separately and join afterwards.
Next you’ll have to make a number of squares ( the number may differ according to your size) for the waistline belt.
Join the belt to the upper section.
The skirt  is worked also with the panel pattern above. However the flared effect is obtained increasing 1dc each 5 or 6 rows.
I made it a little more fitted than the original ( I am petite).
When done, work 2 or more rows of lacy stitch around the bottom.
Finish the arm and neck opening with 6dc shells.
And you are done.

You will says I put in words : easier said than done. But you will be wrong.

The beauty of Free people designs is that they are extremely permissive size wise.
I’ve seen this dress in the maxi version on a size 44 European lady. Larger hips and big breasts and also a generous waistline were complimented by the panel section increased number of dc.

I must say it…since so many women say : I’m too fat to wear crocheted items!

The truth is YOU ARE NOT!

The secret is to wear a crocheted item in your size. Not larger, not smaller.
This is why I always say: Measure yourself first and adapt the pattern accordingly. Until you try you won’t see that it is possible so I encourage you with all my heart to do it.
I hope you like this post and dear to make this amazing vintage, boho chic item for this summer ( and why not…this fall).
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