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Free Crochet Pattern for Trendy Tunic or Pullover – Fall 2015 Loose Fit Crochet Design

 Hello darlings .

Are you thinking about fall? I kind of am :(

Summer is almost over and to my…unpleasant …surprise the cold and rainy days are closer. 

However around here this fall announces to be a bit warmer than expected. So... here is a blog post about a very popular , and pinned design for a lacy finished fall-spring pullover.

The funny thing is that the trendy tunic with dropped sides crocheted with this particular stitch ( slight variation) was one of the first crochet designs I was obsessed about when crocheting a baby beanie was all I knew.

Long time since then but still this stitch pattern is one of the most versatile I’ve seen since I started researching the crochet craft.

The blouse design belongs to a Russian lady whose name I don’t know ( sadly) . She used a variation of the original stitch increasing the number of chains in between the double crochet groups – ch 3 instead of ch 2.

 To clear the matter why I like this design so much:

  1. It’s simple, versatile and figure permissive.
  2. You can play with the yarn. Mercerized  cotton offers a more summery feel and finish while acrylic cotton mix makes the garment more fitted for colder weather.
  3. Both the tunic and the pullover can be matched to your figure since the stitch is very permissive measurements wise.
Yarn and hook:
  1. Summery structure : cotton mercerized- 2mm hook, cotton worsted medium -3mm hook
  2. Fall feel : cotton acrylic mix – 3,5-4 mm hook.
  3. Winter ( yeah... you can make it for winter too) : merino fine – 3,5 mm hook, cotton merino mix – 4 mm hook.

Here comes the pattern:

I decided to write the sequence for the pullover more detailed since the Asian magazine chart for the tunic is very self-explanatory.

Work 2 rectangles for front and back. Straight arm opening.

Measure this way:
Add 2 cm on each side to the hip measurement – this will create the oversized look.

1.    Chain the required length
2.    Ch3 link 1dc ( counts for 2dc tog), *ch3 sk3, 3 dc in the same loop , ch 3 sk3, 3dc tog*, repeat ** till the end of the row ( close with 2dc tog), turn
3.    Ch 8, 3dc ( on top of the 3dctog below), *Ch 7, 3dc ( on top of the 3dctog below)*, repeat ** till the end of the row ( close with ch3 and 1 treble crochet)
Repeat 2 and 3 maintaining the sequence : Always the 3dctog will be worked on top of the 3dc and viceversa. The result is the lacy wavy  structure.
               The sleeves are worked as two rectangles and joined to the straight arm opening.

The neck opening, the hemline and the sleeve cuffs are closed with 3 rows of sc  and a base shell stitch ( 3dc in the same stitch, sk 2 , 1sc in the next stitch)

The little tunic:

As for any Asian design the chart for this model is extremely detailed and easy to follow. The pattern is exactly the same as the one above with this single exception:
Instead of ch 3 in between the dc groups, you chain 2.

Front and back chart

Back neck opening
Front neck opening

Sleeve decrease

Measurement example

6 years old size and adult size

As you will notice in the chart the decrease in linear as the work goes upwards.

Also  you have a very detailed chart for back and front neck opening.

Considering I made this tunic for a 2 years old, a 4 years old and a size 38 adult , I can say in confidence that it is a fun model you would wanna make over and over again.

Dare and give it a try, the pattern is extremely easy and you can play with it using any yarn you want according to what season you want to wear it in.
                I hope you like this post and I also hop you share it so as many crochet fans as                     possible would benefit from the free information.

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miercuri, 5 august 2015

Free Crochet Pattern for Spectacular Tunic or Shift Dress

Hello darlings and welcome to a new and long expected blog post. I know a lot of our fans asked for this pattern and also for several ideas so here come the written instructions, ideas and suggestions for one of the most versatile crochet design out there.
The design  caught my eye when I first started to crochet and I admit I did not have the courage to try it then because the “clover stitch” seemed complicated ...when in fact it is rather simple.
A few years ago the fillet designs seemed a bit too much for me but now I must say I find the easier than pie.
Why I like this design?
  1. It can be made a tunic to wear on the beach but also combined with tights and skinny jeans, or to top a regular slip dress with lace border( romantic boho look)
  2. This can be made as a shift dress and worn with a shorter underlining slip dress and a belt. Sleeves cam be made short, medium or long and you can add fringes.
  3. You can make it a loose fit V neck lacy top    

 So let’s see how to make this beautiful tunic.
  1. Yarn and hook: mercerized cotton ( anything fine to medium works), 2, 5 - 3 mm hook
  2. Work in two pieces. Front and back are the same . Front V opening is done by 45 degrees angle decrease.
  3. Measure the bottom this way. The circumference of your hips plus 2cm . Divide in two. The result should be the length of the base chain.

Pattern:( chart translation into written instructions)

  1. Chain the required length ( multiples of 9)
  2. Ch3, 1dc, ch5sk5, 6dc, ch5 sk5, *2dc, ch5sk5, 6dc, ch5 sk5, 2dc*…repeat ** till the end of the row, turn
  3. Ch3 ,1dc,ch2,*4dc,ch2,4dc,ch7*,…repeat ** till the end of the row, turn
  4. Ch3, 1dc, ch5, 6dc, ch5 , *2dc ch5, 6dc, ch5 sk5, 2dc*…repeat ** till the end of the row, turn
5.Ch3, 3dc, *ch5,2dc, ch5 6dc, ch5 ,2dc*…repeat ** till the end of the row, turn
6. Ch3, 5dc, ch7, *4dc, ch2, 4dc, ch7* …repeat ** till the end of the row, turn
7.Ch3, 3dc, ch5, 2dc, *ch5,6dc,ch5, 2dc*…repeat ** till the end of the row.
Repeat sequence 2 to7 until required length.

 V opening decrease:

As shown in the chart you start by skipping the 2 spokes in the middle of the front section and turn decreasing one by chaining 3 and skipping 3. The same decrease repeats every other row until one side complete. Repeat the same thing for the other side. This is a basic V neck decrease.

Sleeves: regular mesh

As the sleeve opening is straight the sleeves can be worked in round using the arm opening as a base chain.
  1. Ch 3, 1dc , *ch5, 2dc*…repeat**
  2. Ch3, ch3 2dc ,*ch 5 2dc*…repeat **

Finish the neckline, the hemline and the sleeve with 3 rows of hdc.

And this is it.
Considering that so far I made just one ( mine was a shift dress…I say *was* because I gave it as gift ) all I can say is that you will love this “clover” stitch pattern and you will want to use it for something else too ( I’m thinking : lacy cardigan)
Darlings , I hope you like this post and I hope you will do me the favor and share it far and wide for all those in love with this tunic to enjoy and have fun making it.

Looking forward to see you on Facebook, on my Google + page and on our Pinterest board to enjoy new and interesting crochet projects and ideas.