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Crochet Winter Layering Top - Free Crochet Patterns , Instructions and Ideas

Hello ladies

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...and welcome to a long expected blog post and pattern!

With Christmas here  and the New Year  knocking  on our doors with chillier weather,if there was a time for crocheting functional layering pieces this is it.

So many of our Facebook fans and Pinterest followers asked repeatedly for a garment able to fit the needs of cold weather and stylish fashionable approach . So we did our best to research and offer a comprehensive piece of information pattern wise combined with stunning ideas to play with.

I am sure many crochet fans are familiar with Alien Express and the Chinese made crochet garments that fill the internet. Asian patterns are and will always be the most detailed ones and the pullovers in question are perhaps the most popular cold weather layering pieces out there.

The combination of motifs , the large number of  options and most of all the multitude of variations figure wise , make this type of pullover the ideal piece to wear with skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, classy pants, leggings or maxi winter skirt.

So without further talk, here goes:

Yarn recommendation: anything medium ( acrylic worsted, cotton acrylic mix, cotton worsted, merino fine), hook : 2,5- 3 mm ( coordinate with the yarn weight).

Motifs need to know facts:

1.        Regardless the shape you must use the recommended setting.
2.       The setting is responsible for the size and the right size can be obtained by starting with a base according to your measurements.
3.       Always measure first and divide the hip measurement to the width of the motif to obtain the right number of motifs.

Here are 2 motif setting examples:

More cane be found on our Facebook page 

Lacy diamond motif:
1.       Ch 12, sl st to join
2.       Ch 4, 2 trc 1picot 2trc , ch 10, 3 trc 1picot 2trc  , ch10, 3 trc 1picot 2trc  , ch10 , 3 trc 1picot 2trc, ch10,sl st to join.
3.       *Ch 5 , 1sc ( at the base of the next ch space), 4sc , ch1, 4sc ( on top pf the ch space)*, repeat** all around
Motifs are joined as you go using trc and ch.
Use the basic setting to place the motifs
Of course as you can see in the inspiration photo the bottom is knitted ( basic elastic , 3 knit, 3 purl) but you can use double crochet (fp and bp) to get the same result.

Lacy square motif:
1.       Ch 8,sl st to join
2.       Ch5, 1dc in the ring, ch2,…repeat ( 8dc ,ch2),sl st to the ch space
3.       Ch4, 3trc, ch 7, 4trc,ch3, 4trc ch7, 4trc,ch3, 4trc ch7, 4trc ch3, 4trc ch7,4trc ch3, join in the top of the first ch .

The top variation is with a round motif (Om@koppa style ) and basic granny stitch filling to shape the neck.
Below the round motif:

The square motifs are joined where the red color is on the chart.
Also you can try continuous motif crochet method ( you can find tutorials on our Facebook page)
The base in also knitted but you can choose the method from the above.

Lacy flower motif:
1.       Ch6, sl st to join
2.       Ch 6, 1dc,ch 3, 1dc,ch3, 1dc,ch 3, 1dc, ch3, 1dc ch3,1dc ch 3, sl st to join.
3.       Sl st to the middle of the ch space. Ch 3 1dc ch2 2dc ( in the same stitch), *ch 1, 2dc ch1 2dc ( in the middle of the next chspace)*…repeat ** all around .
4.       Ch1,ch5, 1sc in the ch space ch 11,1sc ,* ch5,1sc,ch5,1sc ch11*…repeat ** x2 ( you get 5 corners.
Motifs are joined as shown in the chart.
The base is knitted.

Changing colors.
This is a bit tricky but in this case work row 3 in contrasting color. The method requires more patience but has a huge visual impact.

Darlings this is about it.
I must admit I noticed that crochet patterns that are motif based are not exactly easy to come by. I must say that I feel a bit of a weirdo writing such a pattern especially because I was mighty scared of working with motifs until I got the hang of it.

So keep in mind that these are a bit freestyle and I posted the pics to inspire you . They are not made by me but taken out of Alien Express winter pullover section ( good picture but far from reality).

So in order to stay away from the hazard of ordering something and receiving ...something else, do try to make your own , and have fun wearing something beautiful.

These being said please share this post so the ideas would reach all interested in making such a beautiful crochet blouse.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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Crochet Winter Fashion Jacket - Free Crochet Pattern

Hello darlings…

It’s December already and Holidays are near. For me this is a time of the year when crocheting needs to be more of a therapy than usual. I tend to get sad since this is the time of the year when nasty things happened all through my life so…yes crocheting helps with keeping depression under control.

Feelings aside, for those in love with winter projects here is a hip winter jacket or cardigan to keep you work , trendy and stylish looking these Holidays.
The versatility of the design makes it ideal for any age( YES any age). Also since I am a fan of Faux fur collars – very trendy this season – I have to say that this one is a keeper. The design is 100% Asian so very hipster chic.

The truth is that those of you living in temperate areas would say that this is more suited for spring and fall. I am stepping forward with an idea: add a quilted lining, or a faux fur lining to the sweater and you have a thick winter jacket to keep you warm. Remove the lining and you have a fall-spring coat.

Here comes the pattern:

Stitches involved: ch1,dc, trc popcorn stitch, 1sc, FPtrc

Yarn: Anything thick to bulky ( wool, merino, wool mix, acrylic wool mix), 5 – 6 mm hook.

The cardigan is crocheted in one piece – left panel, back, right panel -  with straight arm opening and a slight inclining line for front opening ( you can do it straight).


  1. Chain the length of your hip circumference –multiples of 5+1
  2. Ch4, 1trc in each ch.
  3. Ch4, *2trc,2 Fptrc*, repeat** till the end of the row.
  4. Repeat  “3”  x 5 times ( if you want a thicker band work 2 more)
  5. Ch5,sk2,1trc popcorn stitch,ch2,sk2,*1dc,sk2,1trc popcorn stitch,ch2,sk2*,repeat ** till the end of the row.
  6. Ch3,sk1, *1sc ,ch 2, 1sc, ch2*, repeat ** till the end of the row.
  7. Ch5, 1sc in the 2ch space,ch2,*1dc,ch2,1sc,ch2*, repeat ** till the end of the row.
  8. Ch1,1sc,ch2, *3sc, ch2*, repeat ** till the end of the row.
  9. Repeat 5 to 8 until reaching the arm opening.

Shape the arm opening skipping 5 stitches for each arm. Since the shape of the cardigan is a bit boxy consider a larger than normal arm opening.

Work the rest of the back and front panels. Join at the top.

Work the sleeves using the same pattern – consider the base of the arm opening the base chain. Work in round.

Work the cuffs using the pattern from 2 to 3.

The original jacket has ¾ sleeves. I would make long sleeves for mine but the choice is up to you.

Work 2 rows of hdc all around the front opening. Add the faux fur collar.

You can use a furry yarn for the same purpose and crochet or knit the collar.

The original jacket is closed with a shawl pin but you can choose to make it with buttons. In this case make sure you choose 3 button closing and use chunky , spectacular buttons.

That’s about it.

I hope you like this  post and you will dare to have fun and crochet this trendy , fashion forward cardigan for yourself. Please share it further so as many crochet passionate as possible would benefit from the free pattern. 

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