duminică, 12 iunie 2016

Piper Crochet Singlet by Arnhem – How to Make It – Free Crochet Pattern

Hello darlings from a not so sunny Sunday …

Oh well …my love for summer and the dream of a …still…distant vacation inspired me to write this blog about a beach ready top.

You can obviously buy the item from Arnhem but if you are like me…ready for a weekend challenge here is how to make your own.

First a few things I like about the Piper Singlet by Anhem :

1.     Tassels: very figure complementing

2.     Light and airy not to mention easy stitches used : very beginner fitted

3.     The versatile shape able to accommodate any bra size.

OK. Now you gals will most likely ask me…how is this figure complementing?

I will tell you this. It’s all in the shape. Since this crochet top is loose fit the tassels contribute to a comfy but figure complementing finish.

Basically you will work front and back almost… in one piece so be sure you measure the right way:

How to measure:
1.    Measure the bust circumference ( wearing a comfortable bra). Add 2 cm to the measurement and divide by 2. Now you have the base.

Yarn recommendation: cotton medium, worsted or mercerized or microfiber acrylic, 3 mm hook and 2, 5 mm hook.

How to make it:
Start with the front: 3 mm hook
1.    Chain according to the measurement.
2.    Ch4, *1dc ch1*, repeat ** till the end of the row.
3.    Ch1, 1sc in each stitch.
4.    Repeat 3.
5.    Ch2 and work it together with the next dc ( first decrease) 1dc in each chain for the rest of the row and finish with 2dc tog ( the decrease in the other end)
Change to 2, 5 mm hook.
6.     Ch3, 1dc in each stitch. Repeat  2 times ( for larger sizes 3 times)
7.    Ch2 and work it together with the next dc ( second decrease) 1dc in each stitch , finish with 2dc tog ( the second decrease in the other end)
8.    Ch3, 1dc in each stitch.
Change back to 3 mm hook
9.    Ch 4, *1dc ch1*, repeat ** till the end of the row.

Chain the straps. Starting from the end of the row chain the first strap, add the number of chains as in the last row worked for the front and chain the second strap.
Make sure you measure the length of the straps accordingly that you will have long enough straps as seen in the original model.
Start working the back in the designated chain space.
Use 3mm hook
1.    Ch5, *1trc, ch2* …repeat ** till the end of the row.
2.    Repeat 1 , 3 times ( 4 rows)
3.    Ch1, 1sc in each stitch.
4.    Repeat 3.
5.    Ch2, *1dc ch1*…repeat ** till the end of the row.

Work 1dc in each of the stitches on the interior of the large chain, including the top of the front and back.

Tassels or fringes
Add them using the method from the below posted Youtube link.

Join the bottom of the front and back and you are done.
So in spite of looking complicated this is a basic kind of crochet garment , the kind you could make while watching 2 episodes of your favorite TV show.
 Of course not all of us can wear something like this without a bra… However I find this ideal for beach wear combined with shorts or a flowing T shirt maxi skirt. Wear it on top of your bikini bra or Tshirt bra and you will have a chic slightly boho, festival inspired look.

I hope you like this post and you would dare to make your own hip chic summer crochet top.

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