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Crochet Fall Skirt– Free Crochet Pattern and Instructions and also a bit of history

Hello darlings,
As a few weeks ago  it proved a bit much for us deciding to deal with community page management , I thought a while about honoring this request. A lot of you asked for this pattern so here it is.
So …here comes a long due explanation about what do we do at Crochet Patterns to Try.
 The project started when my little one was on her way, while fighting cataract in both eyes. I was almost blind at that time, at 35 years old (a very early in life health challenge…oh well…you can guess what health problem makes the worst damage on a 20 years old- the age I got sick for the first time).
 I was learning crocheting  while expecting and post fall C-section I had the eye surgery in spring , got my eyes back and started to enjoy the craft . Most you know this since I kind of said it on Facebook : crocheting is therapy.
I was encouraged to learn and practice it by my doctors to fight depression, insomnia and the rest of the health issues that followed. So you can guess why I love it so much.
I am a working mom (corporate employee), a passionate blogger and online marketing guru and yeah…I crochet  too.
Don’t ask me how . I just do it and this story is not about looking for compassion from you guys.
I am simply letting you know about the road that I have behind that made me decide what  to do and not do when taking on the challenge to grow Crochet Patterns to Try into a brand.
1.       We don’t sell patterns.
I submitted a few patterns to profile magazines and sites in US and UK . When seeing the price they offered and the retainer conditions regarding the patterns once published I said…no thanks.
Also we …got a big annoyed since so many written patterns are hard to follow ( yeah I got stuck in a few) so we chose the chart – diagrams variation to learn, practice and create .

2.       We strictly design for the sake of beauty , not direct income.
Yes, we sell our designs locally, create original pieces upon order but they are not advertised on the community page. We plan to have a store created soon.

3.       We respect all designers and we advertise and offer credits. The fact that we post viral designs is the exact reason why the community has this huge number of users. All the posted content is taken from online communities. We don’t steal anything, nor we violate any copyright rights since such things are far from respecting the craft we so love.

In a world when crochet magazines can be downloaded from ISSU and any type of famous crochet garment is copied, replicated and sold on Asian markets the need to keep a pattern private enough has but 2 options:  Ravelry and Etsy.

These being said let’s talk about this particular skirt:
 There is no secret we are huge fans of everything Vanessa Montoro. She is a bit of a genius both in practicing the craft and selling it so she deserved our admiration.

Beleza ( alias) is the best chart translator of her designs. The Russian ladies in general and those from in particular are huge fans of her work so you can guess where is this chart from.
I’ll try to the best of  my ability to translate Beleza’s handwritten hart into a set of written instructions for this elegant and trendy midi skirt.

Original: vegetal silk, medium , 2, 5 mm hook ( spring and early fall even winter ready for warm climates)
Variation: merino ,acrylic merino, cotton merino- medium, 2,5 – 3 mm hook. ( fall,winter ready for temperate climates)

Chart translation as we would work this skirt:
Worked in round without zipper opening ( texture is a bit stretchy so it it is easy to fit)

1.       Chain the circumference or your waist , slip stitch to join.turn
2.       Ch3, 1dc in each st, sl st to join, turn
3.       Ch2,ch3 , 1V stich in the same stitch as ch 2, *sk 3, 1hdc,ch 3,1Vstitch in the same stitch as the hdc*, repeat ** till the end of the row, sl st to join , turn
4.       Ch2, ch3, 1V stitch in the top of the most elevated stitch from the row below, 1hdc,ch 3,1Vstitch in the most elevated stitch from the row below, repeat till the end of the row. (most elevated stitch from the row below – the stitch where the ch3 and one on the dc from the V stitch are joined).
5.       Ch2, *3dc on top of the first hdc below, 1 hdc in the chain space below*, repeat ** till the end of the row
6.       1 row of fpdc ( front post dc)
7.       Repeat R3
8.       Ch3, ch1 1hdc in the most elevated stitch below , ch 1, *1dc on top of the hdc below ,ch1,1hdc in the most elevated stitch below ch 1 *, repeat ** till the end of the row.
9.       1 dc row
10.   1 fpdc row
11.   Ch3 sk1 1dc (tog), ch1,  2dc tog with 1sk stich in between(  2 double crochet together – A stich  skipping one  stitch ), repeat till the end of the row.
12.   1 row of fpdc with ch 1 in between.
13.   1 row of dc
14.   1 row of fpdc

15.   Ch2,1hdc  ch2 sk 2, *2hdc ch 2 sk 2* repeat ** till the end of the row
16.   Ch 3, 2dc tog ch2 2dc tog in each ch2 space below.
17.   Repeat 15
18.   Repeat 16
19.   1 row of dc
20.   Repeat section from R6 to R14 ( to get the desired lenght)
21.   1 row of hdc
22.   1 row of picot stitch to finish

Additional tips :
Try crocheting or inserting the finest round elastic band on the inside of the waist line to make sure the skirt remains fitted to your waist.
 Use lining in case you make it of another type of yarn than silk ,to prevent the static friction effect so common in winter.
Wash inside a lingerie pouch to prevent stretching (machine wash). We recommend hand wash.
Use conditioner to rinse (it maintains the yarn soft and glossy).
This is about it.
Hoping I shed some light on our endeavor , I also hope you guys like this post and try making a variation of this skirt .
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only the best from the creator of  Crochet Patterns to Try

have an amazing weekend darlings


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  2. You can not sell (or offer for free) "virus patterns" on Ravelry. As far as I know publishing any copyright photos is prohibited there, they have lots of volunteer editors to keep an eye on all patterns. But if you learn how to draw good charts you might offer your patterns on Etsy or Craftsy, they are not very strict. I think charts as the one above by Beleza are specially made unsalable :)).

  3. Beautiful creations! You're very talented!

    My Gf just started a new blog if you are free to lend some support!