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How to Crochet a Lacy Summer top or Coverup - How to Create with a Motif Chart

Hello, darlings .

I think by now you know how fond I am of summer and the related crochet stuff.

This year’s resort trend brought crochet garments in almost all collection that are famous for using this side of fashion in resort trends.

With this in mind and the fact that so many of you dream of a lacy , beautiful blouse to wear on top of a tank or on top of a spaghetti strap boho maxi dress , here is a  pattern so many of you requested on our Facebook page.

I believe that for experienced crochet artists out there this blouse is a walk in the park. However I also remember not being able to understand crochet charts and the frustration I felt so many years ago.

So without no further talk here it is.( picture source – Russian magazine)
1.    S/M , L/XL size on the motif display chart refer to same sizes on the European measurement scale. ( S 36/38. M40/42. L44/46.XL48/50)
     Yarn; any type of cotton, cotton viscose mix, microfiber- medium to fine yarn- 2,5-3 mm hook.

1.    Ch 12, slst to join
2.    Ch4 2trc tog (counts for the first petal) in same stitch, ch 4, 3trc tog ch 4, 3trc tog ch 4, 3trc tog ch 4, 3trc tog ch 4, 3trc tog ch 4, 3trc tog ch 4, 3trc tog ch 4 stst on top of the first petal.
3.    Slt st to the middle of the first ch space,ch 1*, ch 7,1sc in the middle of the next ch space…repeat all around …slip stitch in the first ch1*.
4.    Sl st to the middle of the first ch space, ch1*,ch5 1dc in the first ch space below ( 3rd ch), ch 6, sk1,1dc in the next ch from the ch space below( first corner), ch5 1sc in the middle of the next ch space below, ch5 1dc in the first ch space below ( 3rd ch), ch 6, sk1,1dc in the next ch from the ch space below (second corner)…repeat 2 more times to create the last 2 corner of the square motif…sl st in the first ch1*

Motif complete.
Every motif is worked exactly the same with exception of the last row( row 4). Motifs are linked together in the last row as show on the red line from the chart.

It is really so simple although a bit of a handful hiding the yarn ends on the finished work.

The under arm motif is diagonally folded.

The finishing can be made using a half shell stitch.
Ch3,2dc in the same stitch,sk 2,1sc in the next stitch...repeat till the end of the row.
Another option would be to work 1hdc in each stitch to finish ans stabilize the garment.

 I hope you love this post and you give it a try. Have fun making a long sleeve pullover, a short sleeve top, a cropped top to layer on top of a formal dress…the sky is the limit.

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 Xoxo , you guys




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  1. The picture and the model are from a Finnish magazine! Even we are here right on the side of Russia, we aren't part of it and we have our own language. This year one hundred years of independence. Way to go Finland. Thank you for your blog. Crochet greetings from Finland.

  2. Eva, you are a marvel. I've just looked through your entries at the moment but you make it seem like I just might be able to do these patterns. Thank you for the entry that explained how to read charts too. I find them baffling. Please keep up with this - I love this blog.