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How to Crochet Fall- Winter Fingerless Gloves – Free Crochet Pattern

Hello darlings in this cold but sunny November Sunday. 

So many of you asked for beginner crochet patterns, simple crochet patterns , easy to make crochet patterns…

Well here is one J

Fingerless  gloves are so trendy these days ! You can see them everywhere ( yes! even on guys) . They are ideal for those walking to work or using public transportation.

Functionality wise you can say they are perfect for fall and …smartphones J.

The idea for this particular model came when preparing for a kinder garden fall fest  2 weeks  ago when I made from scrapes of leftover acrylic yarn the very same gloves fitted for 5-6 years olds .
The little gloves were a success ,so I thought why not try to make a pair of adult size to see how complicated would it be and most of all how long would it take.

As a result here is the conclusion:
1.       Beginner level : medium,  4 hours max.
2.       Intermediate level: easy, 1,5/ hours
3.       Experienced level : very easy , 1 hour.

Here comes the pattern:
Yarn: acrylic,merino, cotton acrylic mix, mohair …any slightly stretchy  fall winter yarn , size medium  , 3 mm hook.

Stitches :
Ch- chain
dc- double crochet
X stitch – X stitch
Sl st – slip stitch
2dc tog – two double crochet together

The gloves are worked in round with thumb opening ( the thumb is worked separately after finishing the glove)

Left and right gloves are worked exactly the same( there is no difference between the front and the back of the glove)

1.Chain an even number of stitches +1 ( adult size woman , clothing size European 40/42, 27 stitches, measure the base chain around the wrist  ) sl st to join
2. Ch 3 , 1dc in each stitch , slst to join
3. Ch 3,sk 1, X stitch till the end of the row,( the last X stitch will be made completing the Ch3 from the beginning of the row) sl st to join.
4. Repeat rows 2 and 3 ( once for regular wrist length, twice if you want the gloves to be longer)
5. Ch 3 ,* 4 dc , 2dc in the same stitch ( palm increase)*, repeat ** till the end of the row , sl st to join.
6. Ch 3, X stitch row ( see row 3),sl st to join.
7. Ch 3, *4dc, 2dc tog*( decrease),at the half of the row ch 3,skip 3stitches to form the thumb opening ,repeat ** till the end of the row, sl st to join.
8. Ch3, X stitch row, sl st to join
9.Ch 3, 1dc in each stitch,sl st to join.
10. Ch 3, X stitch row, sl st to join.

Slip stich on top of the last row. Done.

Shape the thumb.
      1.       Insert the yarn in the top of thumb opening , secure it and work 3ch, then work a row of dc  around the opening  ( 11/ 12 dc on this particular glove), sl st to join.
      2.       Ch 3, second dc row, sl st to join.

Hide the yarn ends and you are done!

Repeat the process for the second glove and here is a new pair of hipster chic crochet gloves to add that certain something to your style.

Keep in mind that you can make them longer  and even turn them into mittens ( the more advance crochet readers know what I mean).

Enjoy and play with the pattern and don’t forget to have fun.

The gloves can be bedazzled, embroidered , you can add crochet flower, a lace border , a button…really..the sky is the limit.

This pattern is free and available for sharing,  but please offer the reference link when you publish it on another site. 

I hope you like this pattern and you consider sharing it far and wide so as many crochet fans as possible would benefit from this free information.

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